It's not enough to simply wish for greatness.
We need to commit to it for the long term with determination and drive. At Goodman, we understand the world is constantly changing and to be part of the future we must remain agile and open to new ways of working. It's in this way we aim to give our customers the space they need to succeed by providing sustainable solutions and unparalleled service in high-quality locations. We actively pursue the very best people. And we give those people the space they need to grow and push us all a little further.

We care about the future of the planet and all the people in it. We believe sustainability is our responsibility and we choose to work with people and organisations who feel the same. It's one of the reasons we partner with charities all over the world who are striving to make a difference for those who can't always see a way forward. Greatness is not a singular pursuit. Nor is it one that is easy to reach. But at Goodman our vision is to make it a possibility for everyone by making space for it in everything we do.

This is Goodman




Goodman is a global industrial property group. We own, develop and manage industrial real estate in 17 countries.

Through our Partnerships, institutional investors access our specialist investment management services and property assets. Our decisions are based on local knowledge and are grounded in more than 30 years of experience.

Goodman thinks big picture and long term. We have the teams, scale, expertise, infrastructure and capital to nourish long-term relationships with customers around the world, and the flexibility to adapt to their local business needs.

We service a diverse customer base with specialist expertise in:

We built our enduring own+develop+manage model with customers at the centre for a single, simple reason: to make space for them to succeed. Using this model, everything we do centres on their success.

Greatness is not a singular pursuit, nor is it always easy to reach. But Goodman's vision is to make it a possibility for everyone by making space for it in everything we do. Our first step is looking at the world through our stakeholders' eyes.

Making space for greatness
*These characters have been created based on typical attributes or traits of our stakeholder groups.



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